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“..what have you done?”

18 Feb

Ah, today has been a busy day for me. I’ve spent some time in working on a project in bits and dabs, trying to remember to rest and all too often forgetting. Oh, I paid for that little indiscretion but I’ll have fun announcing the outcome hopefully by next week.

In those odd moments where I actually DO make an attempt to rest, I’ve been reading “Death Cloud” by andrew Lane, a young Sherlock Holmes story that takes place when the sleuth is only 14 and on his first case. Quite unwillingly I might add.

The book is written with all the style of the recent Sherlock Holmes movies. In face the chase scene I just read went a something like this one did here, only not quite so costly in the destruction:

Well at least it hasn’t so far anyway. Either way it’s a great book and I can’t wait to finish it and see how it comes out in the end. Also already making plans to get my hands on the next one in the series as I am most definitely hooked.

This girl has been a rabid fan of Sherlock Holmes for a good 30 years now. I discovered him when I was about 12 and wandering the library looking for a good mystery to read. Oh, it was love at first sight, though I’ll admit that my crush ran more to Watson than Holmes only because he was not quite so DIFFICULT to get close to. And these movies have definitely kept me crushing on Watson though don’t tell anyone that.

I’ve always wished I had that amazing attention to detail that Holmes had. Yet try as I might, my brain doesn’t seem to hold the right kind of trivia, and one of my aspie traits -faceblindness- keeps me from remembering anyone I’ve even spent a moderate amount of time with (who are you exactly?). Which is how I came to realize that a career in detection wasn’t really all that likely.

Yet I still can tell you what my kids are up to three rooms away when they go silent interspersed by giggles. Perhaps deductive reasoning is something that can be rather tightly focused, more like a laser and less like a shotgun?

Either way, my Sherlock obsession is getting put to good use this time around. I’m off to finish the book before bed. Heaven knows I’ll never sleep until I find out how Holmes gets out of THIS mess.

Where’s Watson when you need him?

Oh that’s right, we haven’t met him yet. Think he ought to be warned so we can avoid scenes like this one?

Holmes you’re on your own!

What is YOUR favorite Sherlock Holmes incarnation? Movie? Original story? Other novelization?