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V is for…Verisimilitude!

27 Apr

Some truths are odder than most. Because it’s the weekend and time for a little bit of fun, I offer you this bit of trivia compliments of my husband who delights in the weird and strange.

Charlie Chaplin – picture by Fred Chess. Picture is considered public domain in the USA which adheres to the rules of life of the author + 70 years.

1.       The two men most recognized as wearing “toothbrush moustaches,” Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler, were born within four days of each other in 1889.

2.       Al Pacino’s real-life grandparents and on-screen relatives come from the same small village in Sicily: Corleone.

3.       The first use of the word “burp” in a children’s book was in Dr. Seuss’s “Yertle the Turtle.”

What odd truths do you know?