D is for…

4 Apr

Not sure which D to go with on this. Maybe at the end of this post you can tell me.

1977 JCPenny Christmas page001

Back when I was a kid, the highlight of the year had to be the arrival of the JCPenney Christmas Catalog. Every year I would flip very first to the dolls. Oh, they had all kinds. Big and small, hard bodies or soft cloth. Eyes that were stitched in a friendly open expression, or eyes that would close when you laid her down to sleep at night.

I don’t think my parents understood what I was looking for in a doll very well. Christmas would come either with the ubiquitous Barbie or else a pudgy cheeked baby doll, of hard molded rubbed that had plenty to say if you just pulled the string.

I was looking for a friend.

1977 JCPenny Christmas page454

A little poking around today and I found one of those pages I’d probably circled in red magic marker before Christmas. The doll I never got though plenty of her older and younger sisters graced my bedroom. I think I was looking for someone just like me.

This longing for a doll seems silly now – I’m a grown woman of 43. But for years I’ve stared with that same delight every time the mailman brings me a new catalog from American Girl. You see, years ago American Girl came along to tempt our  youngsters with beautiful (and expensive!) historical themed dolls. That yes, come with equally expensive and beautiful clothing. Because, you know, half the fun is in putting her in a fresh and pretty new outfit for the day.

American Girl Dolls

My girls are fortunate. Their grandmother has treated them with a handful of these dolls during the holidays. It even became a rite of passage of sorts, when they reached an age to care for her properly.

A rite of passage that always left me a feeling a little like I wanted to say, “Hey, Mom…where’s MY doll?”

Recently I made a decision. Enough already. If I still want a doll, why shouldn’t I have one? So this year I’ve started putting aside a few dollars each month with the intent of getting me my very OWN doll someday. One of the American Girl dolls that I love so much, though I’m having a hard time deciding just which one to get – Do I get Molly? Or Emily? Or Julie? So many to choose from…so many to LOVE! I’ll admit it, I want them all. My girls have quite a head start on me.

I have plenty of time to decide – that bank account doesn’t have near enough in it just yet. But I’m hoping…and waiting.

She looks like I did back then!

She looks like I did back then!

So does D stand for DOLL…or DREAMS?


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