A tiny change

9 Jan

After the excitement of yesterday, I just wanted to spend the day quietly. No…let me be honest. After the excitement yesterday I really had no choice but to spend the day very quietly in bed. All of this wasn’t good for my heart and I was tired enough to actually behave myself for a change and rest.

Because I’m not good at just resting, I also spent time reading. This has led to my getting into a great deal of mischief, mostly in the discover of Netgalley – a wonderful source of free books for professional readers.

I’ll admit, I rather liked that phrase “professional reader.” How many of us as children who devoured the library during summer vacation rather than do something…I don’t know…healthy…like play outside…with friends….fantasized about somehow reading books for a living?

In a sense working as a publisher certainly gives you that ability to a certain extent. But always there’s that pressure to do MORE with those manuscripts. Edit them into something better. Market them. Something.

A professional reader is one who reads and then reviews the books. They work in libraries or bookstores where they can influence the buying decisions. Or they might review in various publications.

Since one thing I DO have plenty of is time, I have started reviewing books for Netgalley. As of…today? So I added to my information bar over there on the right, what I’m reading for review right now.

It’s fun. I get to read books before they come out for the reset of the world to enjoy. I’ll be posting the reviews here and on Goodreads for the time being though I might branch out a bit beyond that as well.

And  yay…free books! Which always is the ultimate pick-me-up after a day spent in crises and emotional overload.

So out of curiosity, do any of you consider yourselves ‘professional readers’?


One Response to “A tiny change”

  1. Krysti January 9, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    I had thought, originally, that I would enjoy reviewing. I grew to hate it, as stressor piled on stressor, and I couldn’t shed any of them…and that one finally had to go.

    Now, life is still not very easy, but I’m doing better with fewer stressors, and in the odd moment, I still review. I don’t always know what to do with them, though!

    One thing that makes the review task so onerous is all of the different sites that need that book review…and then, ideally, they each need something slightly different to be said. It would greatly simplify the review task if there was a way to automatically link to one master review from each of these sites, to save the reviewer time. But there isn’t. And so…I turn down reviewing opportunities because I simply don’t have the time to post more than one review at a time.

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