Something old…

1 Jan

One of the few things I can do while my heart recovers and the fibromyalgia settles down, is to read. Sadly, books with too much excitement make me ill, so I have to be a little bit careful there too. Hence my reading list that you’ll see on the side of this page.

It took me awhile to figure out what to do about the problem. Gone are my dystopic YA novels, and the sword and sorcery fantasy that I dearly love to read. Even romance must be curbed, at least the more passionate offerings. And don’t even suggest a mystery if you want to keep my heart intact!

So what is a girl to do?

The first answer came in the form of the BBC’s top 100 book list, which gave me a plethora of CLASSICS to read that I’d never touched before. Classics tend toward a little slower pacing, right? So therefore might be safe?

But classics require concentration and when the pain is high, something lighter is called for. Hence the digging into of my old favorites from my childhood – Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew…exciting but not TOO exciting, right? And of course The Black Stallion…oh you’ll see as time goes by.

But then my time might be better spent in educating myself…so a little non-fiction goes a long way. But what about all those books I wanted to read and review..if I take them slowly, surely they could work out.

So my list was formed. I started with:

Something Old – these are books that I’ve read before, that I’m enjoying again. Many are from my vintage children’s book collection. Some are just favorites for other reasons.

Something New – these are books I’ve never tried. Most of the classics from the BBC list will fall here, but so will some other odds and ends.

Something Borrowed: The library is where I go to try new authors, things recommended to me by others, or books that have been gaining attention. Winning awards.

Something True: Books from my non-fiction stack. Which includes everything from cookbooks to manga (classified as non-fiction at the library – go figure) and biographies.


3 Responses to “Something old…”

  1. Chris Kincaid January 1, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    For starters, you had me at “Trixie Belden”, my very favorite series of books when I was a kid. I just read through the entire Wikipedia link and – wow – did that bring back some memories.

    Anyway, I love the idea of reading something old, something new, etc. I might have to borrow that from you. It makes my husband crazy when I am reading several books at one time. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that.

    Best wishes for a healthy new year.

    • Kristine Pratt January 1, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

      Thank you, Chris. I absolutely loved Trixie Belden as a kid. My sister and I would fight over the books every time a new one came into the house. I think I must have read the entire series several times. The problem I’m having now is that some of my old copies are really falling apart. I might have to hunt around for a couple of replacements.

  2. exordiumwwc January 1, 2013 at 5:54 pm #

    Maybe we all need to do some being quiet and going back to Old, New, Borrowed and True (like the change in the saying). I’m hunting for Sue Barton.

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